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What’s new in the Scopely community February 2021

It’s a new month, which means all-new stories, challenges, and adventures to explore across Scopely’s portfolio of games. Read on for just some of the highlights coming to our global community of players. 

As always, thanks for playing!


Commanders, February is warping in hotter than ever with all new epic content! Stay tuned on our Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and blog for all upcoming information that’s about to journey your way! Whether you’re a Trekkie, love to raid bases, or just enjoy mining quietly, don't hesitate to join our Discord server for all the exciting chatter and conversations!


Hello Scrabble lovers! This month we are looking forward to seeing you participate in our new community events and exciting new game feature, Adventures!


A whole new way to play Scrabble! Play single-player levels and enjoy fun new ways to challenge your Scrabble skills and earn rewards. Play Now!

Valentine's Day Giveaway

Visit our Facebook page and participate in the giveaway for a chance of winning a “sweet” reward!

Live Q&A

      In February, we are hosting our third live Questions and Answers! Stay tuned for the date announcement, and start preparing your questions now. You can ask us ANYTHING you want about Scrabble GO!


February is a sweet month for all loonerinos out there. You are not only getting some special Valentine’s event featuring the world’s most famous skunk, Pepe Le Pew, but also new thematic Endurance Towers and exciting events to power up your toon collections. Enjoy!  

Facebook & Instagram Giveaways

Stay tuned to our social media channels as we spice them up with some sweet giveaways! Participants only need to drop a comment for a chance to win some Gems and Golden Tickets!

Ask Me Anything Vol. 8

You ask, and we answer. In February we’re releasing our next “Ask Me Anything” video on YouTube, where we answer some of your community questions. 

The #1 most-downloaded WWE mobile game celebrates its fourth anniversary with the first-ever WWE video game debut of Snoop D-O-Double-G!

WWE Hall of Famer Snoop Dogg accompanies us throughout February as the in-game master of ceremonies and brand-new chase for players! Additionally, we will move the in-ring action outdoors and upstairs, with all matches taking place in a special rooftop party-themed arena atop a helipad, how cool is that?

A month full of Snoop-tastic surprises and rewards awaits you, not only in-game but also on our Community Platforms, with Giveaways for our Party guests! Don't Miss out and visit to meet the Doggfather!


February might be the shortest month, but it's packed with new events! 

To kick things off, our Battle Pass Season 5 arrives, along with a new exclusive 5-Star Weapon: Raven's Assault Rifle. 

And along with new Monthly and Multi-Week events that you can expect each month, we recommend you pay special attention to our Blog this month... Some very exciting news might be about to drop in the early weeks, but all we can say for now is... stay tuned!

Bookmark it now and don't miss out!