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'The Walking Dead: Road to Survival' game update: introducing Conquest

Today, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival (TWD: RTS) team announced an exciting update to the game experience -  Conquest! This update is the game’s largest and most comprehensive update that has EVER been made. Our team has been hard at work listening to player feedback and creating key improvements to the experience. This update will bring a massive amount of new Walking Dead story content, allow players to acquire more of the characters they love, and overall, make the time spent in game increasingly more rewarding for the community. There’s new things to do, new things to earn, and new ways to build and strengthen your teams. 

With this update, we have introduced over 40 new characters called Mythic Fighters. Each new character is designed with the intent of accomplishing a specific, niche goal in combat. Every character has a purpose. The introduction of Mythic characters will change the meta of the game, however, players will now be able to preserve their progress to date and be rewarded more fully. Today, all TWD: RTS players will be awarded Mythic Fighters in celebration of the first day of Conquest, with clear paths to earning more.

Excited? We are too. To learn more about the Conquest update, head to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival blog - here.   

New to the game? Have no fear, see our below tips for hitting the road to success. 

Tip #1 Build up your town

Constructing and maintaining your town is vital to your survival in the world of TWD: RTS. Training your fighters, build your stockpile of supplies and craft powerful weapons to keep the dead at bay.

Tip #2 Recruit new fighters 

The world is filled with dangerous enemies, living and dead. To ensure that you not only survive, but thrive in TWD: RTS, you’ll want to consistently build your force’s strength. The best way to do this is by recruiting iconic Mythic Fighters, such as Rick, Michonne and Negan. Unlock your first free Mythic Fighter by logging in for three days!

Tip #3 Join a faction to survive

In order to pull through in this bleak world, you’ll need friends! By joining a faction, your factionmates can loan you their fighters, help you earn powerful rewards and team up with you in player vs player events!

Tip #4 Conquer the story

TWD: RTS will not only take you through iconic stories from the comics, but will also provide you with survivors to build your roster and the gear you will need to equip them with! 

Tip #5 Participate in cross region war

Cross Region War is the most exciting and rewarding feature in TWD: RTS. Win battles against other factions to prove your faction’s dominance and unlock powerful rewards! Just be ready for a fight.

Tip #6 Complete missions

Every day, make sure you check out your available missions. They will provide a consistent stream of rewards to keep you alive on “the road to survival”!