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“Stumble Guys” players can now tear up the race track with new driving mode powered by Mattel's Hot Wheels™

Stumblers - take your mark, get set, GO! Hot Wheels will be racing into “Stumble Guys” on December 15th, introducing an entirely new way for players to cross the finish line. The brand new Hot Wheels track will transform the gameplay experience as competitors go head-to-head in speedy cars to drive away with the crown. Until now, all “Stumble Guys” levels have challenged players to outlast each other on foot.

“Stumble Guys” is an always-evolving playground, constantly delivering fresh and fun experiences that expand the possibilities of how to play the game. Partnering with Hot Wheels, one of the most iconic and enduring vehicle brands, adds an exciting twist to the “Stumble Guys” formula. The driving experience will feel natural for “Stumble Guys” fans, while encouraging players to master new skills on the track, considering speed, precision, and strategy.

“‘Stumble Guys’ is beloved by players around the world, and we’re so excited to partner with the creative minds at Scopely to introduce Hot Wheels to the wildly popular game,” said Mike DeLaet, Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel. “Adding a driving mode to the chaotic fun of ‘Stumble Guys’ just made sense, and we can’t wait to give Hot Wheels fans yet another way to race their favorite cars alongside millions of friends both new and old.”

“Our goal for ‘Stumble Guys’ is to provide players with a vast number of ways to enjoy the extremely social experience, on their own terms. When we partner with IPs and brands, we want the ‘Stumble Guys’ experience to be innovative and fresh. That’s why we are so excited to collaborate with Hot Wheels, an iconic brand that represents creativity, playing, and racing together” said Jamie Berger, SVP of Growth Marketing at Scopely. “This all-new driving and racing feature will allow players around the world to engage with ‘Stumble Guys’ in an immersive way that we know they are going to love.”

Check out the new Hot Wheels level in “Stumble Guys” starting on December 15th, and stay tuned for more exciting announcements in 2023 as we continue to evolve and expand the battle royale party game.

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