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‘Star Trek Fleet Command’ celebrates Captain Picard Day with continuation of fan-favorite ‘Star Trek The Next Generation’ story arc

Last month, the award-winning mobile 4x MMO Star Trek™ Fleet Command from mobile games company Scopely delighted Commanders with the first of five arcs from the beloved “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Now the story continues with arc two and a weeklong celebration of Captain Picard Day.

From June 14 – June 20, Commanders can celebrate this iconic The Next Generation character with a week of in-game giveaways, log-in bonuses, new missions, new officers and more:

- A new selection of avatars and frames, including the legendary Picard Facepalm (below) to add The Next Generation flair to your experience.
- All-new, super powerful G4 Armadas will challenge alliances like never before. Take them on to attain unique and valuable rewards!
- Fire away in style with The Next Generation-themed Ship Projectiles.
- Add the highly anticipated, renowned Epic Officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Rare Officer Wesley Crusher to bolster your ranks and increase your power against enemies.

New Officers

Two celebrated characters from The Next Generation finally join the Star Trek Fleet Command universe: Epic Officer Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Rare Officer Wesley Crusher. Players can earn shards to unlock these characters through exploring the galaxy and completing missions, hitting event milestones, participating in the Battle Pass and more.

Picard Week Celebration

Star Trek Fleet Command is giving away Picard-themed bundles & special prizes just for logging in. Be sure to grab those Picard Coins and exchange them for some epic gifts and items like Officer shards.

New Picard Themed Missions

Help Picard in a new set of ten new missions! Since The Next Generation landed in our universe, we introduced a brand new storyline. Out of the ten new missions related to TNG, there are 5 exclusive Picard-themed Missions.

Live Action “The Next Generation” Promo

Fans of The Next Generation will also see some of their favorite actors from the series together again in an all-new live action ad spot featuring the core crew of the USS Enterprise-D: LeVar Burton, Jonathan Frakes & Brent Spiner.

We are committed to continually evolving Star Trek Fleet Command. With the unlimited potential to continue to introduce every Star Trek timeline into our game, we’ll continue cultivating connections our players have made in Star Trek Fleet Command through engaging, challenging, and exciting features for years to come!

We look forward to meeting you on this galactic adventure.

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