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Sharing some exciting news

Today, Walter Driver and Javier Ferreira informed their global Scopely team that they will now be co-CEOs of Scopely.

Walter shared, “At Scopely, one of our core cultural tenets is iterate to success. We have iterated on many things since I co-founded the company in 2011 including our product slate, our organization and the ways that we work together. In 2014, Javier joined me on the Scopely journey and has since then been my partner in leading these iterations. Throughout the five years that he has been here we have also iterated on our partnership, improving how we elevate each other's perspectives and leverage each other's strengths to make important decisions. I believe that the incredible products, culture and business momentum our partnership has yielded demonstrate that by operating together we can be the most impactful leaders possible.

To reflect the deeply integrated partnership that he and I have, I am excited to formally recognize Javier as Co-CEO of Scopely. This recognition is an authentic reflection of how we’ve been working together for years and does not change our day-to-day roles—neither of us is stepping forward nor stepping back. The Scopely experience has been one of the most meaningful journeys of my life and Javier has been a very important part of that journey. I am hugely grateful for our partnership and am honored to share the CEO title with him.”

Javier added, “These last five years have gone by fast and I’m thankful for all the amazing partners I have found and made on this journey. I am particularly thankful to Walter for giving me this opportunity and sharing it with me. This recognition showcases our true partnership and will further enable us to maximize our opportunity together.”

Walter closed with, “We have never been more excited about the future of Scopely and look forward to continuing to build an amazing business together for years to come.”