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Scopely welcomes Omnidrone as a Scopely Studio!

Scopely is proud to formally welcome Omnidrone game studio to Scopely.

In July 2021, we highlighted our continued commitment to co-creating with the world’s best game makers by further investing in multiple studios across Europe. One of those studios was Barcelona-based Omnidrone, who we have been working closely with on a number of game projects.

To collaborate even more deeply, both Scopely and Omnidrone leadership felt it was the ideal time to fully join forces. By bringing the talented gamemakers of Omnidrone officially into the Scopely ecosystem, we will be able to further collaborate across our portfolio.

Approximately 120 Omnidrone employees join Scopely’s large and growing presence in Spain. Scopely already operates two hub locations in Barcelona and another in Seville that are home to teams across multiple specialties including engineering, data analysis and analytics, creative services, customer support, and more. In addition to those specialities, Barcelona is also home to the Scopely Studio Parallel, which creates and live-operates “Yahtzee® With Buddies” and “Scrabble® GO,” and a GSN Games team, who is working across games and technology, with Seville home to the Scopely Studio Genjoy, which is working on a number of casual game projects.

Welcome team Omnidrone to the Scopely adventure!