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New first-person game mode, powered by NERF, is launching into “Stumble Guys”

Stumblers – get ready to have a “blast” in an all-new gameplay experience, in partnership with the original active play brand, NERF!

Starting April 25, the always-evolving game will transform once again with the addition of a first-person mode – enhancing the chaotic fun of “Stumble Guys” with an entirely new way to overcome the competition.

Prior to this update, “Stumble Guys” players were challenged to outlast each other on foot or by vehicle from a third-person view to cross the finish line. Now, players can face-off against friends and rivals in a new NERF-themed map, Blaster Base, offering a fresh perspective and challenge to veteran and new Stumblers alike.

Upon entering the new map, players will drop in and scavenge a range of different NERF blasters in a free-for-all battle royale. The map also features:

- New boosts scattered around various locations, allowing you to regain your Energy to stay in the fight
- Shields to better protect Stumblers from competitors’ darts
- Three special NERF blasters, allowing players to enjoy this first-person-stumbling mode on their own terms!

Check out the new “Stumble Guys” NERF-themed level starting April 25 on iOS, Android, and Steam and join the party!