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The Walking
road to Survival

Game details

Stand with Michonne, Rick and other survivors from The Walking Dead, and join the epic battle against the darkest enemies from the Governor to Negan in the definitive Walking Dead strategy RPG game, brought to you by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead comic series.

Explore The Walking Dead universe!

• All-new stories that reflect the uncompromising decisions you will need to make as you strategize for survival.

• Explore new maps from The Walking Dead comics.

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Game features

Build your team!

• Collect and customize new Survivors from The Walking Dead universe, each with their own specialized battle strategy!

• Level up and customize your team to enhance their fighting strategies as you battle walkers and players alike."

Go to war!

• Join allies in a faction to create a battle strategy and pool resources in the harsh world of The Walking Dead.

• Use your battle strategy to raid enemy factions for resources in our popular All Out War online mode!"

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