Mobile Game Publishing 2.0 - We are taking a select group of elite mobile game developers to new heights.
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Mobile Game Publishing 2.0
We are taking a select group of elite mobile game developers to new heights.
About Us
Scopely is building the next generation of consumer mobile experiences.

Scopely is a rapidly growing mobile gaming company trailblazing a new publisher model. In just three years, Scopely has more than quadrupled in size and launched an unprecedented six consecutive Top-5 games in the App Store.

Scopely Timeline

Our games are played by millions of people every day.
Disco Bees />

The fun and exciting new way to play match-3 puzzle games!

Switch and match the colorful bees in “the hive”, our unique honeycomb shaped board. Unlock wild new locations and puzzles to test your skills!

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Dice With Buddies />

A thrillingly addictive dice game!

Play against family and friends anytime, anywhere. Download today and see why over 3 million people across the globe are hooked on Dice With Buddies™!

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Skeeball Arcade />

The officially licensed Skee-Ball® game!

Relive the magic of the classic arcade game and enjoy amazing brand new machines in Skee-Ball Arcade™!

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Wordly />

Not your mother's word game!

Welcome to the most addictive word game in the world! Looking for a fun new word challenge that will test your lexical land-grabbing skills? Look no further – Wordly is here.

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Slots Vacation />

A slots game that's easy to play and easy to win!

Win big in this premium resort vacation slots experience with huge payouts, tons of machines and fun mini-games and bonus rounds.

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Mini Golf Match Up />

The #1 mobile mini golf game!

Play against friends and family all over the world with more than eight fun courses and over 100 awesome holes.

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Bubble Galaxy With Buddies />

Taking bubble blasting into the final frontier!

Download today and enter an exciting new galaxy where you can challenge buddies, old and brand new, in this cosmically addictive, new bubble shooter!

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Jewels With Buddies />

Classic gem matching with a social twist!

Join the legions of puzzle-loving fans who have discovered the latest craze in electrifying, heart-pounding, finger-flying fun!

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Scopely is partnering with the best game developers in the world.

Scopely Publishing

Scopely has built the infrastructure to provide independent developers the distribution, monetization, and technical capabilities of the leading studios in the mobile market. We’re partnering with a select group of elite developers to enable them to create outstanding games and to distribute and monetize those titles as effectively as possible.

We’ve put a premium on creating a developer friendly approach, and our focus is on publishing innovative games that are highly retentive and emphasize social mechanics to increase engagement. We understand how to bring games to market in the most efficient way possible, and our product team has the expertise to help maximize and grow a game’s revenue and user base for months if not years.

At Scopely, our goal is to free up developers to focus on what they do best: build outstanding games.

Check out the latest media coverage on Scopely.

7/21/2014 - Scopely Announces Publishing Partnership with Make it Rain Developer Space InchScopely hopes to take Space Inch’s games to the next level, starting with Disco Bees

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5/23/2014 - Ex-Disney Mobile exec Tim O’Brien joins Scopely as CRO

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4/15/2014 - Hot Mobile Games Company Scopely Nabs Former Disney Executive

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4/7/2014 - Developers need to go orthogonal or get a publisher, says Scopely CEO

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3/23/2014 - How Scopely is building a hit factory one mobile game at a time

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1/15/2014 - Mobile Entertainment: A Startup Network For Interactive Play

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11/25/2013 - Behind the scenes of four consecutive No. 1 iOS game launches

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10/8/2013 - Free-to-play needs a new kind of publisher: Scopely

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9/27/2013 - Former Angry Birds, Clash of Clans partnership lead joins mobile studio Scopely Read more at

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Fast Company

9/24/2013 - Scopely Finds Hit Apps the Same Way Hollywood Lands Blockbusters

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9/10/2013 - Entrepreneur: Top 30 Startups to Watch - Scopely

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7/30/2013 - How balancing user feedback with a data-driven approach powered Mini Golf Matchup to success

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7/1/2013 - How Walter Driver and Scopely, Inc. envisioned a different kind of gaming experience

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Inside Mobile Apps

5/24/2013 - 'HBO of mobile games' Scopely sees more than 10M downloads for Mini Golf

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5/21/2013 - Scopely Boosts New Zealand Studio Rocket Jump’s Mini Golf Matchup To Over 10M Downloads In A Month

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4/30/2013 - Viddy Co-Founder Chris Ovitz Lands At Mobile Gaming Startup Scopely.

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3/20/2013 - Mini Golf MatchUp Swings into Action on Google Play and App Store

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3/15/2013 - Scopely: We're not a publisher, and that's why we'll give you more

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Venture Beat

2/28/2013 - Scopely announces marquee game developers as mobile-platform partners

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2/28/2013 - Scopely announces first five developer partners, adding Double Fine and others to publishing platform

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1/18/2013 - Another Former Zynga GM, Andy Kleinman, Lands At Scopely As Chief Business Officer

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1/01/2103 - Scopely wants to be the HBO of games

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Venture Beat

12/12/2012 - It’s dangerous for developers to go alone. Scopely offers help

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Pando Daily

12/12/2012 - Scopely launches LevelUp platform, invites other developers to play in its sandbox

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9-19-2012 - Confirmed: Scopely’s New $8.5M Funding Round Was Not Wrapped In Bacon

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9/19/2012 - With a veteran startup team, Scopely raises $8.5M for social mobile games

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Are You Scopely Material?

We set the bar extremely high at Scopely, but that’s just the type of environment you crave. Your ambition to build something significant and lasting is exceeded only by your desire to be surrounded by coworkers who are equally relentless. If you are itching to be involved in a startup that’s going places, where you can produce a significant and immediate impact, then you might very well have found your calling here at Scopely.

Available Positions

The Team
From the guy who sold AdSense to Google to the guy who bootstrapped his way to 50m users, Scopely is stacked.

Founded by proven entrepreneurs and backed by distinguished investors, Scopely is fueled by an unmatched team. With the guy who sold AdSense to Google at its core, the Scopely family includes successful indie game developers, seasoned social gaming veterans, award-winning filmmakers, ultra marathon runners, PhDs, college drop outs, and a handful of our favorite, fuzzy four-legged friends. Cultivated from all over the world, as diverse as we are driven, Scopely employees all have one underlying thing in common: loving what we do!

Walter Driver, CEO

Atlanta, GA

As the founder of O Negative Media and co-founder of Ignition Interactive, Walter developed social apps and games used by millions of monthly users. An unintentional pioneer of the caveman diet for the last 20 years, he starred in commercials broadcast throughout Latin America and sold his first screenplay to a Hollywood studio.

Ankur Bulsara, CTO

The Bronx, New York

Previously the Lead Software Developer on MySpace's Developer Platform, Ankur was a software architect at several startups before co-founding Scopely. He's also well known as a professional drummer who previously toured with his band, Seneca Hawk.

Eytan Elbaz, CSO

San Antonio, TX

Eytan was a co-founder of Applied Semantics, which created the AdSense product that was acquired by Google in 2003 in a nine figure acquisition. He created video shorts on bullying that are currently on exhibit at the Museum of Tolerance, and played in a band that opened for Tom Petty at UCLA.

Eric Futoran, VP, Revenue & Operations

Los Angeles, CA

A startup veteran with four degrees (EE, CS, JD, MBA), Eric led the pivot that shifted Aggregate Knowledge to an agency business model and built Hooked Media's gaming network of over 300 publishers. Despite a lifetime of aggressive hockey-playing, he still has a full set of his own teeth.

Bailey Futoran, Trash Inspector

Los Angeles, CA

Bailey previously ran the life sciences practice at Kleiner Barkins, helping it through a particularly ruff patch in the late 90's. A veritable tornado of chocolate-colored energy, Bailey enjoys occasionally whipping around the office to make sure no one's dozing off (and to gobble trash.)

Dr. Eric Kabisch, Director of User Experience

Fort Wayne, IN

With a PhD from UC Irvine in Informatics and an MFA in Art Computation Engineering, Eric's specialty lies at the intersection of art, games, and computer science. Previous projects include light-seeking robots, breathalyzer-based game interfaces, and his beloved augmented reality Volkswagen Vanagon.

Jason Weiss, General Manager

Chicago, IL

After graduating with two degrees from Stanford, Jason helped grow Trilogy Software from a few dozen to 1,200 employees and served as its European Managing Director. A veteran of multiple startups, he has also produced several independent feature films and racked up over three million frequent-flier miles.

Justin Stofle, Director, Engineering

Los Angeles, CA

An accomplished indie game developer, Justin once built his own social network and sold one of his iOS games to a funded startup. His passion for building dates back to age 12 (when he built several computers) and even further back to age 2 (when he used to take doorknobs apart and put them back together).

Avram Lyon, Engineer, Lead

Galesburg, IL

A highly active open source project contributor, Avram is one of Scopely's most prolific and versatile engineers. Fluent in six spoken languages and conversant in six more, he's also earning a PhD at UCLA in Colonial Literatures of the Russian Empire. Seriously.

Natalie Ungvari, Executive Assistant

Beverly Hills, CA

Natalie is an LA girl through and through. Born and raised here, we're pretty sure her blood runs purple and gold because she's such a huge Lakers fan. She spent many years working in the entertainment industry with the likes of Jerry Bruckheimer and Tim Burton before bringing her significant talent to Scopely.

Peter Attardo, Software Engineer

Boston, Massachusetts

A math phenom, Peter once took first place in a New England-wide math competition and later earned his grocery money playing poker. As an Android developer, he has a keen eye for the vulnerabilities in existing systems. He once used that skill to get his satirical piece on a purported link between beer pong and STDs reported as fact by Fox News.

Lauren Hayes, Director, Corporate Communications

Newport Beach, CA

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, in the 4th grade Lauren founded an import business to sell her peers much sought-after Tamagotchis and Razor Scooters, then astutely spent the profits on Apple stock. More recently, after graduating from USC with degrees in Communications and Business Entrepreneurship, she helped manage nearly 40 start-ups at StartEngine, LA's largest startup accelerator.

Liz Liu, People Operations Manager

Fremont, California

With a MS in Human Behavior from USC, Liz grew up dreaming of becoming a MTV News correspondent. Her contagiously upbeat personality, incurable need to converse with strangers, and uncanny ability to make anyone she talks to feel special all result in her being the perfect individual to be Scopely's People Operations Manager.

Henry Lowenfels, Platform Partnerships Lead

New York, New York

A Harvard graduate and entertainment startup veteran, Henry's BD expertise makes him uniquely qualified to build lasting and valuable partnerships. He is an avid runner who recently completed a 50 mile sandals.

Kyle Anderson, Community Manager

Boston, MA

A recent USC grad, Kyle greatly improved Scopely's Community Management effectiveness by introducing analytics to better identify and communicate issues with our engineering teams. When Kyle isn't helping keep our players happy, he might be found eating piles of Del Taco beef tacos or leading Scopely intern trips to Vegas.

Nick Freilich, Sr. Product Manager

Santa Monica, CA

Nick went from playing timpani alongside the LA Philharmonic in high school to producing festival-honored films at Brown and Northwestern, with a Georgetown law degree sandwiched in between. When not performing sketch comedy or composing electronic music, he works on Scopely’s product team, putting his stamp on everything from feature planning to app store optimization and much more.

Damien Sueur, Game Designer

Pau, France

Damien hails from Pau, France where he began playing video games at the old age of 4 years. By the time he was 5 he could consistently beat his dad and by 12 he was designing games on paper. Prior to Scopely, Damien worked for Capgemini. This young, passionate gamer also claims to be able to talk to guinea pigs all while enjoying is favorite Parisian snack, escargots!

Hutch Mills, Manager, Quality Assurance

Los Angeles, California

Alto, tenor, soprano – Hutch is a master of all things saxophone, and has recorded on two albums, as well as peformed live on an American Idol season finale. Before joining Scopely as Lead Tester, Hutch worked as an eSports columnist, covering dozens of League of Legends tournaments.

Jake Puffer, Software Engineer

Haskins, Ohio

A crackerjack web developer and crack shot duck hunter, Jake's talents have always been incredibly diverse. If you can't find him at his desk, he might be rehearsing with a barbershop quartet, driving an ice truck, or brewing bathtub gin. Seriously.

Patrick Ory, Quality Assurance Tester

Torrance, California

Patrick is a remarkably skilled QA tester who spends his days identifying bugs in our games before they're released to the rest of the world. Not only does he have masterful beard-growing skills, but he also has the voice of an angel and has been involved in musical theater in some capacity or another for most of his life.

Jimmy Nguyen, RevOps Analyst

Westminister, CA

As a kid, Jimmy won multiple contests for his online gaming prowess, and his video entry for "Lost Saga" was featured in a Chinese commercial. He currently studies Taekwondo and Aikido, and excels at MMORPGs when he's not squashing bugs for our QA team.

Miguel Espinosa, IT Manager

Mexico City, Mexico

Perhaps the world’s biggest LA Dodgers fan, Miguel spends his days at Scopely ensuring that everything plugged into the wall is running smoothly. Don't be fooled by his Paul Frank bunny slippers and friendly demeanor – he's actually a trained MMA fighter.

Ryan Tsukamoto, Sr. Software Engineer

Honolulu, Hawaii

Before landing his current role as a Mobile Developer on our Android team, Ryan won the 2010 TechCrunch SF People's Choice Award for a guitar app with pitch detection. He is also an accomplished violinist and ukelele player and has performed with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

Karlo Santa Ana, Artist

Morong Bataan, Philippines

Born and raised in the Philippines, Karlo began to take art seriously in the the wake of the Mt. Pinatubo disaster. Since he could no longer skateboard due to debris, he began to draw comics about skateboarding and then began molding models of movie characters using congealed wood sealant. These days, he uses his crafty skills as one of Scopely's brilliant artists.

Giselle Austin, Human Resources Manager

Orange County, California

Giselle is our spectacular HR Manager, but her dream in kindergarten was to become a professional strawberry picker. (Someday, Giselle, someday.) Unstoppably competitive at all trivia games, she revamped Scopely's entire benefits system and instituted a ton of fantastic perks all within her first month on the job.

Michael Gao, Software Engineer

Rockville, Maryland

Mike started an indie game company with his girlfriend, and the two spent three months traveling the world and making games together. These days, he works on our iOS team and can predict the winner for competitive reality shows such as So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice.

Jordan Mazer, Senior Technical Recruiter

Kettering, Ohio

A SCUBA expert with over 400 dives, Jordan joined Scopely after leading recruiting for the Amazon Mobile team in Seattle. He commutes to Scopely HQ on his sweet hog but could easily jog the whole way to work (he once ran a four and a half minute mile).

Charles Castell, Sr. Manager, Ad Operations

Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom

When he isn't refining Scopely's ad network or playing with his daughter, Chas pursues philanthropic causes, looking to change the world in a meaningful way. He teaches a songwriting class for troubled youth and has dabbled in film, his short "Blind" having reached the Regional Finals for the Student Oscars.

Tim Chism, Artist

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Ten year old Tim is probably high-fiveing adult Tim because as a kid, all he wanted to do was make games.  At Scopely, he gets to live out that dream every day as an artist by making his mark across many of our games.   Tim owns a chinchilla and once created a photoshop file with over 1,000 layers in it. (That's a lot.)

Jacob Knipfing, Software Engineer

Buffallo, New York

Jacob hails from Buffallo, New York but moved to Chicago out of college to work in the gaming industry. He is an outstanding mobile developer and makes highly engaging games in his spare time. In college, he worked on a game called Zineth, which won the IGF Best Student Game of 2013.

Joseph Leybovich, Software Engineer

New York, New York

Mobile Developer Joseph Leybovich moved from Queens, NY to Los Angeles in order to join us at Scopely. Joseph once worked as a bartender and occasionally graces us with his skills in that art. He loves helping others and has a potty-trained cat named Bugsy.

Matthew Guimbarda, VP, Finance & Business Strategy

Berkeley, California

Matt is a master juggler -- he can hold his own whether he is juggling budgets at Scopely or juggling chainsaws (not at Scopely). Matt claims to have eaten 12 white castle burgers, 2 chicken sandwiches and an order of onion rings in under 10 minutes. We would dispute this claim but we are afraid to see him recreate it.

Nehemiah Westmoreland, Quality Assurance Tester

Los Angeles, California

Nehemiah is a steamroller. As a tester at Scopely, he mows down bugs, and as a member of the Scopely kickball team he mows down opponents. He has an intense interest in swordsmanship and even got pointers in technique from an iaido master while teaching english in Japan.

Amarpal Singh, Engineer, Lead

DehraDun, Uttarakhand, India

Amarpal balances his prowess as a data architect with a penchant for poetry; he composes verse in both English and Hindi. Originally hailing from DehraDun, India, he says he spent the five most beautiful years of his life at IIT Bombay.  Fun fact about Amarpal: he prefers to play with continued-fraction representation of numbers rather than decimal representation.

Roger Jao, Community Manager

Elkhart, IN

Roger has a strong background in both gaming and in community management. At Scopely, he's worked hard to make our customer support a more personalized experience. When he's not helping our community, he's likely attending a concert. He's been to over 500 concerts in the last decade and has reviewed and rated the 300+ he felt were worth writing about.

Clay Fowler, Director, Technical Engineering

Austin, TX

Clay moved out to LA with his wife and his two children from Scottsdale, Arizona to start at Scopely. When he's not developing games in his garage or working at Scopely, he can be found piloting single engine planes. He claims that he can maintain his cleanly shaved scalp with almost zero effort, which is great for us because he can spend more time making cool games.

David Isen, Sr. Software Engineer

Chicago, Illinois

After graduating with a Masters' from UCLA with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence, David spent the next decade playing guitar and touring the world with his metal band in order to "bask in the glory of mini-stardom for a fleeting moment." He's now using his fingertips on a different kind of music: the rhythmic clickity clack of a platform developer.

Rachel Pitler Hsiung, Office Manager

Detroit, Michigan

Rachel is the logistical genius at Scopely. She puts out both figurative and literal fires. She is one of the founders of Bitchcraft Trading Post, an annual art, vintage and handmade fair in LA. Rachel claims to have supernatural thrift store radar abilities, wherein she can locate that velvet panther painting she was looking for without trying.

Eric Ma, Director, User Acquisition

Palos Verdes, CA

Eric hails from Southern California but spent a good deal of time in the Bay Area and back east before returning to his roots in So Cal to work at Scopely. He fancies himself a sports trivia master, and since no one in the office has stumped him yet, we would back that claim.

Andrew Rose, Sr. Product Manager

Vancouver, Canada

World traveler Andrew has lived and worked in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, having visited 47 countries. Andrew understands the importance of dressing for the occasion and has both a costume trunk and a hat trunk which he dutifully hauls from one continent to another.

Clint Stevenson, Sr. Software Engineer

Malibu, California

An LA native, one of Clint's first jobs was as a life-saving hero, as it was his duty to drive intoxicated UC Davis students home for $1 per night. Clint is a man of many talents, which include making velociraptor-like throat rattles, dodging traffic tickets, teaching programming, and successfully picking up real-live French women on their home turf in France.

Murali Vasudevan, Business Intelligence Lead

Chennai, India

Murali dominates any game with a paddle. He's excellent at ping pong, badminton and tennis. He's also a classically trained musician and has degrees in Indian Classical music and sound engineering. He sings and plays violin in the Indian Classical style and regularly performs both in the U.S. and overseas. He's also a brilliant Business Intelligence Analyst.

Johnny Chen, User Acquisition Analyst

Taipei, Taiwan

A finalist at Startup Weekend Hong Kong 2011, Johnny is not only a member of Scopely's UA team, but he's also nearly 50% of the way towards his personal goal of "50 by 50", wherein he travels to at least 50 countries by the time he's 50 years old. Johnny's many talents include being able to type the alphabet in 2.016 seconds and quickly memorizing numbers with more than 16 digits.

Chris Pasley, Director of Publishing Operations

Athens, GA

When Chris isn't helping create innovative games at Scopely, he spends his time writing fiction and hanging out with his family of eight (if you include the four cats). Chris is also an accomplished jazz trumpeter; we're eagerly anticipating him serenading the whole office with the sweet sounds of Louis Armstrong's West End Blues.

Mike Kasper, Lead Artist

Chicago, Illinois

Mike has a classic Cinderella Story. He went from supervising convicts painting houses to being an artist on games such as Starcraft 2, Cafe World, Bubble Safari, and WWE All Stars. Mike dreams of one day owning a motorcycle with a sidecar for his Golden Doodle, Ralph.

Christian Castiblanco, Lead Engineer

Bogota, Colombia

Cristian is a force to be reckoned with in the Android engineering world. He is the #2 contributor to the Android section of StackOverflow… of all time. He recently moved from Colombia to the States and is having trouble getting used to a few things here, namely the idea of bus stops -- in Colombia the busses just stop wherever there are people ready to ride -- and the absence of the metric system.

Anthony Grimes, Software Engineer

Eldridge, Alabama

Not only was analytics engineer Anthony invited to speak at the second Clojure Conj conference when he was just 17, but members of the Clojure community raised money for him to get to the first one. (He's just that good.) Anthony says that in an alternate universe, he would be either the front man for a rock band or a meteorologist.

Javier Ferreira, COO

Madrid, Spain

Before coming to Scopely, this Oxford grad helped Disney achieve mobile success with titles such as Where's My Water, which eventually became a TV series. He’s built and managed businesses ranging from $30MM to $1B and lead his first startup, Jamdat Mobile, to an EA Mobile acquisition. When he’s not completely crushing his business ventures, this Metal Gear fan finds time to dive with sharks and bring some latin love to Scopely.

Jori Pearsall, VP Product

Chimacum, Washington

Between games of NBA JAM for SNES you can find Jori traveling the world collecting passport stamps. Not only is he a world traveler, but he’s published a cognitive neuroscience paper on the interaction of sleep and memory. Jori makes his way to Scopely by way of GREE and Google, where the hardest part of his job as a Product Manager entailed interviewing massage therapists.

Richard Davis, Director, Mid-Core Publishing

San Jose, CA

Freestyle MC and heli-boarding virtuoso Richard Davis has come a long way since his days as a tour guide at Mercer Caverns in high school. With over ten years of perfected business development and consulting experience, Richard’s industry prowess makes him an expert of mid-core mobile gaming and the coolest guy in any room (and not 'cause he grew up in Tahoe).

Noelle Jovanelly, Recruiting Coordinator

Glendale, CA

Sweet not only describes Noelle’s delectable baked goods but also her friendly disposition. From her work in child development to her studies in Psychology, this Trojan’s razor sharp memory, creativity and hospitality make her the perfect Recruiting Coordinator for Scopely.

Randy Sasaki, VP of Engineering

Sacramento, California

Director, Producer, and Co-Founder are just a couple of ways to describe Randy’s past. With a MS in Computer Science from Yale, it’s no wonder Randy went on to lead JibJab Media, Burstly and now Scopely as the VP of Engineering. His best job, though, is working as a cook in his 5-year-old daughter’s play restaurant. Accordingly to Randy, she’s the best boss he’s had yet.

Ryan Wang, Software Engineer

Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

From studying in Beijing to getting his Masters in Game Development, this musically inclined, trilingual superstar adds more than smarts to our engineering team. Ryan is currently converting his apartment into a computer controlled "future home", using 6 micro computers to help him control his living space with voice and gesture commands. He’s a great engineer, we just hope we can afford to fund his crippling sparkling water addiction.

Andre Tutundjian, Director, Game Analytics

Orange County, California

After graduating in the top 1% of his class at Berkeley, Andre became an economics and statistics wizard. Not only did he win ESPN’s top Fantasy Football team in America in 2010, he also creates his own sports metrics for basketball and football. If that wasn’t enough, he was also a concept product taste-tester at Taco Bell and cites it as the best job he ever had before Scopely.

The world's most influential technology investors are betting on Scopely.
Greycroft Partners

Greycroft Partners



Peter Chernin

Peter Chernin

The Chernin Group, Former President and COO of News Corp, Board of Directors American Express and Pandora

Anthem Venture Partners

Anthem Venture Partners

Sands Capital Ventures

Sands Capital Ventures

Terry Semel

Terry Semel

Former CEO of Yahoo and Chairman of Warner Bros

Miramar Venture Partners

Miramar Venture Partners

Miramar Digital Ventures

Miramar Digital Ventures

Aydin Senkut

Aydin Senkut

Top 10 Angel Investor - Investor in Rovio and Twitter

Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Founder of LegalZoom, ShoeDazzle, and The Honest Company (with Jessica Alba)

Auren Hoffman

Auren Hoffman

CEO LiveRamp, Chairman Rapleaf, Venture Partner at the Founders Fund

Michael Lazerow

Michael Lazerow

Co-Founder / CEO of Buddy Media

Richard Wolpert

Richard Wolpert

Venture Partner at Accel Partners

Gil Elbaz

Gil Elbaz

Founder/CEO of Factual

Kelly Perdew

Kelly Perdew

Winner of "The Apprentice." Former CEO of FastPoint Games

David Tisch

David Tisch

Managing Director of TechStars NY

Michael Blend

Michael Blend

Founder of OpenMail

Howard Lindzon

Howard Lindzon

Founder/CEO of Stocktwits

Evan Rifkin

Evan Rifkin

Founder/CEO of Burstly

Clark Landry

Clark Landry

Chairman GraphEffect

The Collaborative Fund

The Collaborative Fund

NYC-based VC fund investing in the most creative entrepreneurs

Angel Vision Investors

Angel Vision Investors

Collection of the top media and entertainment entrepreneurs on the West Coast

Red Swan

Red Swan

Investment fund created by the Founders of Bonobos - a premiere men's clothing line

Arnie Rissman

Arnie Rissman

Founder and former CEO of Tiger Electronics

David Cohen

David Cohen

Founder/CEO of Techstars

Double M Capital

Double M Capital

Mark Mullen, former COO of the City of Los Angeles

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